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Feng Shui tips on how to arrange a happy home
Feng shui

Helps raise awareness of the impact of the environment on people’s lives and provides certain tools and methods by which the environment changes and becomes better

At a time when awareness-raising has never been more popular and self-help books are selling, and when offline is becoming a luxury, I think feng shui is a necessary and, importantly, method available to everyone – explains Tina Sablić, a 26-year-old counselor. feng shui and owner of Posh Feng Shui Interior Consulting. Tina has a degree from the New York Institute of Art + Design (New York) and is a member of the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore and is currently the only member from Croatia.

– The simplest definition would be that feng shui represents the relationship between people and their environment. But feng shui is much more than that. It is a blend of science, art, color theory, environmental psychology and human interaction in it. It is a way of life and anyone can benefit from it. Furthermore, feng shui helps to raise awareness of the impact of the environment on people’s lives and provides certain tools and methods that change the environment and achieve the desired result – says Tina Sablić and adds that feng shui can be applied to work and / or living space.

Also, he points out, it applies to any style of decoration, to a specific part of the room and does not depend on the size of the space to be decorated. Equally, the principles of feng shui can be used on an existing building, but also on one that has yet to be built or made.

– Feng shui teaches us that everything around us is connected and prone to change. It is very important to accept, understand, but also know how to make a change at the right time. One of the main goals of this type of home decoration is to create a motivating, comfortable and balanced environment. For all those who are eager for progress, this is an excellent support – explains Tina Sablić.

In order to achieve this kind of atmosphere and ambience in your home, you will definitely need a “bagua map”.

-It is a map that analyzes and determines the energy fields of any given space. It needs to be used by an authorized counselor because there are several schools of feng shui, which use different techniques but do not exclude each other. Improper use of the bagua map may not achieve all the benefits of the feng shui principle. Hiring a feng shui counselor is the safest choice because a counselor is a person who, through their knowledge of this complex discipline, which has been taught for years, recognizes important issues in the space that need to be addressed. The counselor looks at things objectively and finds and encourages the uniqueness of each person and space. With the help of certain information and in cooperation with the client, he creates a design according to the principles of feng shui – Tina thinks and adds that the best time to start a change – now!

But before applying the rules of feng shui, you should prepare and refresh the selected space. It is important that the preparation is done independently, and below we bring you five ways in which, as Tina Sablić advises, this can be best achieved.

It is a blend of science, art, color theory, environmental psychology and human interaction.

Bagua maps (bagua = 8sectors)

Bagua means 8 sectors, which surround Tai Ch’i (symbol also known as Yin Yang) in the middle. It can look like a square lattice or be in an octagonal shape. Feng Shui consultants use the Bagua map to analyze space. Since each sector (Gua) has meaning, number, and symbol, recognizing what is happening in the section allows the counselor to know what needs to be done in the space.


Visible or not, clutter represents everything we put off, for which we don’t have or don’t want to have time. Clutter in the home or work space prevents one’s own progress. In order to solve or reduce clutter, it is necessary to find the purpose of each item. If it is not there or we do not find it, it means that we do not even need a certain item. It can be clothes that are not used, gifts that we do not like, devices that no longer work or things that we keep “just in case”. The process of removing clutter itself can sometimes be very emotional, but it results in a reduction in the amount of things and the creation of a liberating feeling.


Lighting and lighting in the home and the amount of fresh air are the basis for achieving good feng shui. They should be a top priority for any space. Natural light is the strongest form of energy and has a dominant influence on heat and energy quality in space. However, quality lighting can also be achieved by using artificial light, ie full spectrum lamps. Each room and its purpose needs a different amount of light. It would be good if, for example, the bedroom has dimmed and soothing lighting, and the living room should encourage mutual socializing and communication. Quality and fresh air, in addition to regular ventilation of the space, can be achieved with air fresheners or feng shui plants that are natural purifiers.


Fresh flowers are always the first choice, unlike artificial ones, because they bring beauty and sensuality to the space. Artificial flowers have no energy, so they have no effect on the room in which they are located. By adding fresh flowers to the vase the energy in the space becomes much lighter and happier. In feng shui, attention is always paid to the color, number and symbolism of the flower. The advice, however, is to choose the one that attracts you the most, either in color or scent, and the one that makes you happy.


Good feng shui energy can be created and maintained in a variety of subtle ways. One of them is the smell. Using the fine energy of the scent, a feeling of comfort is created and the desired emotional response is achieved. Since the fragrance is a very powerful agent in feng shui, it can be used for various purposes, eg the scent of lavender and chamomile for relaxation, lemongrass and eucalyptus for awakening, rose and jasmine for sensuality … It is important to know that synthetic fragrances have a very low strength compared to natural essential oils. The ultimate goal is to create a feeling of freshness and comfort.


Color is one of the easiest ways to change energy and feelings in the home. The presence of color in the home or workplace is good feng shui. When choosing a color, it is necessary to pay attention to two important things, and that is the quality of light and the surrounding color in the interior. Also, the color should be chosen according to the feeling we need and want to create. We can bring it into the space with the color of the wall, artwork, photography, wallpaper or various decorative items. The color nurtures and lifts the mood. One should not be afraid of vivid or bright colors because color is light and light is our primary nutrient.

Rules for specific rooms

Each room is a special story

How to successfully apply the rules of feng shui in a certain part of the living space and what to pay special attention to?


Entering your home is a first impression of you. What do you want it to be? The main entrance needs to be neat, symmetrical and alluring. Whether it is the main entrance to a home or a business space, good energy is absorbed and brought into the rest of the space through it.

To make the entrance as attractive as possible, choosing a clean and aesthetically pleasing mat is a great start. The house number should be clearly visible and the tile on the door indicating where good energy should enter.


A long narrow hallway is often a combination of hectic and stagnant energy. Since this combination of energy can be demanding, there are ways to mitigate and change it. Good lighting, colorful art and vivid paintings are a great way to slow down the rushed energy and start the stagnant one. The paintings on the wall would be good to arrange in a creative gallery style, if possible on both walls, to create a natural flow and visual adventure.


The bathroom is one of the three most important rooms in the home. Since it has demanding energy, it should by no means be neglected. The bathroom should be clean, free of moisture, and well lit. To reduce the impact of bad energy and amplify the impact of good, there are simple ways to achieve this. It would be good to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet board down. Adding plants that are natural air purifiers and that respond to moisture and less light, such as orchids and aloe vera can be the first step toward creating a home spa. Then, adding candles as another light source is another benefit for the bathroom. Choosing the right fragrance is also an important choice, whether it calms or empowers, the best effect is given by diffusers with sticks that will fill the space with the desired energy.


The bedroom belongs to the trinity of the most important rooms in the home. Given its importance and all that it provides us, it should radiate a nourishing, attractive and soothing energy. It would be good if there were no electronic devices or exercise equipment in it. The basic details of a well-balanced bedroom are a good mattress, a firm headboard and quality bedding made of natural materials. Another great addition is the carpet. The carpet absorbs sound waves and calms the energy in the room and makes the bedroom relaxing.


The kitchen is of the utmost importance for our health and well-being. She is part of the home credited with sustaining life. Given its important features, it needs to have several different types of lighting, to be airy and clean. Due to many household appliances, the kitchen can have a very pronounced energy of cold. It is very important to change this and bring warmth to the heart of the home. Whether it’s a vase with fresh flowers, a bowl full of fruit, a live plant or even a stand with fresh herbs, it will all contribute to creating a wonderful uplifting energy.


Decorating a living room can be a challenge, as it is necessary to create a space that is beautiful and practical, and at the same time provides strong and fresh energy. To achieve this, it is first necessary to determine the function of the room. This will serve as a guide when choosing the type and amount of furniture. It is important to ensure that movement to and around the furniture is accessible and unobstructed. After choosing furniture, a very important part for creating good energy in the living room, especially if there is not enough natural light, is layered lighting. With a combination of ceiling, floor or table lighting, the energy quality can be refreshed and adjusted. When it comes to decorative accessories, the living room is a great space to add things that are important to you. Items that bring a smile to your face, a sense of accomplishment and importance, or a fond memory are really good Feng Shui.


Want help to decorate your home according to this philosophy?

Feng Shui counseling services will benefit anyone who wants to change old habits and blockages and anyone who wants a motivating work or living environment. Feng shui is a way of living positively in an environment that supports it. The goal of living according to the principles of feng shui is to create a space that provides an ideal amount of useful energy.